No Objection from a Doting Husband

A fundamental right an individual has in his armoury is to choose where he travels. Is this the same if the individual is married ? Ok, more importantly, married and be a woman ?

So, When my wife went to submit her documents to procure the elite Schengen visa, she was asked to provide the most important document, that was missing from her impressive repertoire of documents. 6 year’s payslip, Income Tax records, Employer reference and her own Individual Bank statement were apparently not enough. The elusive document to be provided was, something, to remind her, that she is first a dutiful wife. To remind her, that she is not a dignified woman to be travelling abroad,  by herself. A reminder that she has foregone her rights, the day she got married or probably born. To remind her, that she is just a “Woman”.

The document in contention was, a No objection certificate from her husband. So if this is required I decided to provide a No objection Certificate anyway. After all, It was in my control.

Here it goes!


VFS Global Services

Subject: No Objection Certificate from an Indian Husband

Dear Sir ( Not Madam ),

I, a citizen of India, want to thank you for bloating my male chauvinist ego by handing me an opportunity to give a No Objection Certificate Letter for my wife.

I here by, have no objection in her being more educated, intelligent and successful than I am. I have no objection, that she is the bread earner of our family and provides for me by working as hard as any man could fathom. I have no objection, in admitting that, as a woman, she pays her taxes and contributes to run the economy and in someway contribute to your income.

I also have no objection in her deciding to travel to any part of the world, with her own income. I have no objection because, by doing so, she will assimilate new experiences, explore better cultures, and probably set right, the stereotypical image India has achieved abroad on how it treats its women. I have no objection that she will be a matter of pride for this nation. A nation that has fallen so steep in world’s eyes, that she will be looked upon as a miracle to have survived in India. I indeed have no objection, in admitting, that she will be free and breath fresh air of Summer, wearing the attire that she wants, without prejudiced or megalomaniac men with brains in balls, staring at her bare legs.

I indeed have no objection, that by providing this letter, if you decide to grant her a visa she will travel abroad, feel sorry for herself, having been born in our country, and especially as a woman. I have no objection, that she will ensure her niece & daughter, will be taught a very different and broad view of the world, which will not be constrained to think as a sex starved man would do. I have no objection, in me being able to miss her during her trip, to understand, what it really means to be an independent woman in our modern country.

In the end, I have no objection, if she treats you with disrespect, or animosity. I will also have no objection if she decides to pursue a claim of discrimination of having requested this letter in the first place. I will for sure have no objection, if she punches you on your face.

I will have no objection, when the next time you see a married woman, especially your wife and mother, you choke with shame and apologise for being a pompous chauvinist.

I have no objection in saying, we are a long way away from being a Nation.

Yours powerless MALE Citizen

Anujan Krishnamoorthy,

Jai Hind


4 thoughts on “No Objection from a Doting Husband

  1. Ashwin K says:

    Awesome da! i wish all the ‘NOC’s they’ve received are written like this and thrown on their face. I was just wondering what irresponsible ‘legality’ is this. Suppose if an ‘Indian Husband’ goes abroad, has flings with other women there, the ‘Indian Wife’ learns about this, wants to go abroad to confront ‘the husband’. Here, ‘the rule’ would require ‘the cheated Indian wife’ to take a ‘NOC’ from the ‘Indian @#$%^*@ HUSBAND’???!!!


  2. mohini says:

    This is an EU requirement and not that of an Indian agency or association. VFS is a global company that front-ends for embassy. They only ask for the documents that the European country asks for. Just check up on it please.


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